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Dear Readers, Thank you for your love and support, we have just taken a step forward and moved to a new domain! With a new zeal to provide you with better content, we shall continue and in fact increase... Continue Reading →


Fresh Water Generators

Fres water generators are provided on board the ships for producing fresh water from sea water by distillation process: There are two types of fresh water generators: A) Vacuum Distillation Plants B) Vapour Compression Distillation Plants (VCDs) VACCUM DISTILLATION DISTILLATION PLANTS:... Continue Reading →


VCD plants are provided on ships where the engine power are less and sufficient heat is not available in the engine cooling water system for producing fresh water in large quantities. These plants are completely independent of other systems and normally... Continue Reading →

Ballast System

Ballast system is provided on ships for: To ensure the stability of the ship in all loading conditions of the ship. To adjust the centre of gravity of the ship in all loading conditions. To adjust the trim by adding ballast water... Continue Reading →

Hot Water System for Ships

This system provides hot water for showers and other areas in the accommodation spaces. The system consists of two hot water circulation pumps (one working + one standby), two geysers (heaters), normally one working on steam and the other on... Continue Reading →

Domestic Fresh Water System for Ships

The system is used for distributing fresh water through accommodation spaces for drinking, cooking and for washing. The system consists of a fresh water storage tank, a freshwater Hydrophore tank (Pressurised tank) and two pumps for filling the hydrophore tank. Fresh... Continue Reading →

Ship Sanitary system

Ship sanitary system is also known as domestic sea water system. The system is mainly used for flushing of toilets. The system consists of a hydrophore tank (pressurised tank) for storage of sea water. The tank is pressurised by compressed air... Continue Reading →

Concepts Of Advanced Outfitting

All modern shipyards across the world have identified that by adopting the concept of advance outfitting the building cycle time can be reduced and there will be substantial cost savings along with other benefits. Depending on the infrastructure available in the... Continue Reading →

Composite Boilers

Composite boilers are provided on ships where space is a constraint for providing two separate auxiliary boiler and exhaust gas economisers. The composite boiler consists of two separate sections of tubes 9one for fuel oil firing and another for exhaust... Continue Reading →

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