The system is used for distributing fresh water through accommodation spaces for drinking, cooking and for washing. The system consists of a fresh water storage tank, a freshwater Hydrophore tank (Pressurised tank) and two pumps for filling the hydrophore tank.

Fresh water is stored in the freshwater storage tank (filled from fresh water generator or by shore filling). Hydrophore pumps (one working + one standby) draw from the storage tank and fill the hydrophore tank. Starting and stopping of pumps are controlled by the activation of the pressure switch mounted on hydrophore tank, which senses the pressure inside the tank. Pumping of water to accommodation spaces is by means of compressed air pressure connected to the tank. The pumps are of self-priming centrifugal type with material execution suitable for freshwater application (casing – cast iron, impeller – bronze, shaft – stainless steel)

A branch piping from outlets of the tank is taken for the hot water system.


Domestic Fresh Water System