Steering Oar



Tonnage & Displacement

Tonnage refers to the volume and there are a few types of tonnage that you will come across frequently. GROSS TONNAGE Gross Tonnage is indicative of the total volume of the  of a ship and may be often used in reference to... Continue Reading →


Load Lines

Load line is a special marking, positioned at mid ship which indicates how much of the ship is underwater (also known as, draught of the vessel) and the maximum permitted limit in waters with different densities. The density of water... Continue Reading →

Ship terms

  RISE OF FLOOR Rise of floor is the rise of the bottom shell plating above the horizontal base line, measured at the ship’s side. The objective is to provide for the drainage of liquids to the ship’s centerline.  ... Continue Reading →

Lets get started!

To understand the world of ships you first need to get acquainted with a some of the big and popular names that you will come across frequently. So let's not waste any more time and let's jump right into knowing... Continue Reading →

What’s Moulded dimensions?

You might have often come across the term moulded dimensions? To understand better, simply observe the ring on your hand, it has a inner diameter which = to the size of your finger and then it has a thickness /... Continue Reading →

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