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New Domain

Dear Readers, Thank you for your love and support, we have just taken a step forward and moved to a new domain! With a new zeal to provide you with better content, we shall continue and in fact increase... Continue Reading →


Concepts Of Advanced Outfitting

All modern shipyards across the world have identified that by adopting the concept of advance outfitting the building cycle time can be reduced and there will be substantial cost savings along with other benefits. Depending on the infrastructure available in the... Continue Reading →

Sea Trials

After all the systems are erected on the ship and when the ship is ready for delivery to owners, sea trials are to be carried out for the vessel. To test all systems at their full capacity and to confirm that the... Continue Reading →

Interpreting the Lines Plan

So what can you figure out from the image given below?   At first sight, it may seem to you like modern art, but before you conclude this let's try and break up the drawing in smaller parts. Profile or... Continue Reading →

Why do Ships float?

Why do ships float? If this question bothers you don't worry you are not alone, many others have been baffled by this very question. So lets take a deeper look to understand... When an object is placed in water it... Continue Reading →

Tests & Trials

1)  Tests and trials are carried out on board ships, during production process with following objectives.  The equipment provided are tested to confirm that their capacities are meeting specification requirements and class requirements. The quality of work meets the required... Continue Reading →

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